4 Tips for Building a New Church

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Whether you’re looking to renovate an old church or build a new one from scratch, there is a lot of though that needs to be put into the process. After all, it’s a place of worship, so when it comes to church construction you need to be mindful of the space. But that doesn’t mean that the church needs to be elaborate and ornate. Some of the most passionate churches are humbling modular buildings.

In reality, in order to construct a church, there are only a few things that you really need to do.
Here are some tips to streamline the process.

  1. Find a location. There are a number of churches for sale at any given time. Many of which are abandoned, but have a rich history. Their rich histories can really draw a crowd. Of course there was once a congregation nearby, so it’s likely that the community members surrounding will be grateful for the revival of a nearby parish.
  2. If you cannot find an existing church, pick an area that is lacking a church congregation. While vacant lots can be huge eye sores, many community members would likely be grateful for a purposeful building, like a church, in their neighborhood.

  3. Consider your congregation’s culture before you begin the building process. Are you expanding your congregation with God’s vision in mind, or do you have an alternative motive. Do not build a house of worship in vain, but only to spread the word of God.
  4. While the power of the Lord is mighty, it is not mighty enough to provide you with time, money, and energy to build a church. Before you start church construction, make sure that you’ve planned wisely and have all of the details set and in order with your contractor. Have a timeframe planned out as well as a detailed blueprint of what you would like the church to look like afterwards. Even for the most humble churches, this could take time.
  5. Explore funding sources. If you are planning to move or expand your congregation to a new location, take your parishioners with you. If you have the intension of building a new church, it’s likely that your congregation will pitch in. You can also hold fundraisers within the community to bring attention to the new church and attract potential new members.

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