How Can a Fire Alarm Maintenance Company Help Your Business Stay Safe?

Fire alarms are crucial to have for any business and/or building, and it’s also illegal in most places to not have them installed. Some fire alarm systems are more complex and, therefore, require the correct maintenance to function properly. This video shows what a fire alarm maintenance company would do to properly maintain a fire alarm system.

Most fire and smoke alarms run on batteries. These batteries will need to be replaced after a certain amount of time. They should be replaced every three to five years from the manufacturing date, which should be labeled on the alarm. To test the current battery life, a “cell-checker” can be used. Battery replacement can be written into a service contract before installment.

A fire alarm maintenance company typically tests a building’s fire alarm system by checking the alarm signal once a year, checking the smoke detectors twice a year, and exploring where certain systems are placed to ensure everything is up to code. They’ll notify the company if there’s any damage, expired batteries, improper placement of alarms, or any funny signals within the system.

More businesses can benefit from knowing what a proper fire alarm system should be.

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