How Blister Packaging Impacts Your Medication

Medical packaging materials

When seeing a doctor, it is possible he or she will give you a starter pack of prescription drugs. These drugs are often organized according to strength of dosage, often in milligrams, and are staggered according to the date and time you are supposed to take them. These pills are stored in small plastic capsules.

Blister packaging is a technique that allows for the quick storage of small consumer products. While it is most often used in the producing of storage for pharmaceuticals, it also has applications for any product that is stored in a small plastic container. Think of a group of pencils in a supply store.

The main aspect of blister packaging is the making of a cavity or pocket, which keeps the product safe and less likely to be damaged. High speed blister packaging can allow for the product to be stored safely in a quick period of time. Blister packaging can be customized as well, with options for color, style, and container options.

This may be useful for pharmaceutical packaging companies who want to offer medication blister packaging because some packages contain color schemes that help companies advertise products. In addition, blister packaging can be completed in vinyl, and can come in various opaque, tinted, and translucent appearances.

The materials included in different types of blister packaging include PVC, PVDC, PCTFE, COC, and cold form coil, among other. The materials can affect the thickness of the blister packaging and can change the chemical composition of the plastic, which may be important when it comes to consumer pharmaceuticals.

Blister packaging is most commonly used to package unit dose pharmaceuticals in the United States. The medical packaging design is often needed to be customized. This is due to the fact that some pharmaceutical companies offer products that can be injected and they include auto-injector pens and sterilized bottles.

There are two types of blister packaging that are especially attractive to pharmaceutical companies. Cartoning is about accuracy: It includes accurately labeled vials, as well as product information and instructions. Carded blister packing offers marketability: It has the ability to put advertisements on the product while keeping it safe.

There are different organizations that oversee the companies that package consumer products, including pharmaceuticals. One such organization in the United Kingdom is QP Services. QP Services is an independent company that offers regulatory services to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. QP Services offers many different types of services, including packing stability and user testing.

The importance of blister packaging has grown with the rise of medication usage in the United States. In 2010, doctors and physicians ordered a total of 2.6 billion prescription drugs during or after visits. In fact, 75% of all medical visits involve some type of drug therapy. 49% of Americans have used a prescription drug in the last 30 days.

As a result, U.S. pharmacy and drug store sales amounted to over $230 billion in 2011.

This makes blister packaging that much more valuable.

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