6 Considerations to Make When You Look for a Janitorial Service

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People tend to think their toilets are the dirtiest part of a business or home but, as it turns out, a desk that is dirty can harbor 40 times the amount of germs than will make a toilet home. When you combine that fact that nearly all workers are concerned about contracting an illness while they are at work and you have a good reason to hire a janitorial services company. If you are thinking about when to look for a janitorial service, there is no time like the present to start your search.

  1. Ask around to other business managers that you know. You may not end up going with the janitorial services company that your friend or associate used but this can give you a starting point for your search for a cleaning service to clean your business. Ask them how they found the janitorial services company, what they think about working with them, if they have any suggestions for how to deal with them in the future and what they pay for the service. Depending on the size of your space, your charges may be more or less than what they pay but it can give you a general idea. When you consider when to look for a janitorial service, this should be your starting off point. Getting a personal recommendation can be a great way to find a good cleaning services company.
  2. Make the companies you are looking at cone to you. The best way to get estimates from cleaning services companies is to have them come to your place of business and see what exactly they will be dealing with if you should hire them. These estimates are impossible to do accurately over the phone or without seeing the space that you need to be cleaned.
  3. Get references and check them. All reputable janitorial services will be happy to give prospective clients and customers. You should make it a point to contact the references that you give them. Should a janitorial service company balk at giving you contact information for past or current clients should send up large red flags. When you call the references ask not just if they like working with the janitorial services company but what they like about working with them and if they have any suggestions for making your relationship with the janitorial service they use. When you consider when to look for a janitorial service, this is an important step in the process.
  4. Look for a company with a good and long reputation. It is not that a new, start up cannot do a good job but finding a janitorial service company that has a long track record of doing a good job can make you feel better about the company that you end up hiring.
  5. Get at least thee detailed quotes. Beyond the basic fees, you need to be very detailed in what you need done. You need to get these estimates in writing so that you can make a real comparison of what the different services will provide.
  6. Make sure you talk to green cleaning services. As dangerous as the germs are for your workers, clients or customers, the chemicals that are often used in cleaning products can also be dangerous for human health. While there are at least 17,000 petrochemicals that have been approved for home and business use, a mere 30% have been tested for the impact they can have on human health. By some estimates, using the wrong chemicals for cleaning can leave indoor dir quality at been two and five times as dangerous as the air outside. Come experts even think there can be 100 times the amount of air pollution inside. Ask, too about their policies for training their workers. You need them to use different cleaning materials for the bathroom than they would use in a food area, for example.

When you think about the question, “when to look for look for a janitorial service?” the answer should be clear. If you are even thinking about when to look for a janitorial service, you probably need one. You will be doing your employees and clients a solid by hiring a cleaning company.

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