How a Deli Grease Trap Is Cleaned

Grease traps are essential components of restaurant infrastructure. They intercept oil, grease, and food debris before it enters the municipal water supply. If the grease is allowed to enter the water supply, it will quickly create blockages in major sewage systems.

Grease traps keep the grease contained, but all of that grease has to go somewhere eventually. That’s where a grease trap cleaner comes in. These professionals are similar to septic tank cleaners.

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The bring in industrial pumping equipment to empty grease traps. Then they dispose of the grease safely offsite.

The video posted on this page shows how one grease trap cleaner pumps out and cleans a grease trap at a deli. This essential service must be repeated as often as recommended for the size of the grease trap and the amount of work happening at the deli.

The grease trap cleaner starts by setting up his equipment and opening the grease trap. Then he makes short work of the job by essentially vacuuming the grease out of the trap. Once the majority of the grease has been pumped out of the trap, he uses other tools to clear the pipes leading to the trap and the walls of the trap of residual grease.

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