Half Of All Customers Will Abandon A Website If It Takes Three Seconds To Load What You Should Do

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What makes good website design? Perhaps it’s easier to hone in on what doesn’t. After all, the Internet is a massive place and one that sees a plethora of easily avoidable mistakes regularly cropping up in the peripheries of everyday customers, affecting everything from their confidence in a company to how long they’ll even stick around. Digital marketing companies have their work cut out for them providing small and large businesses alike with the means of connecting with their customers in the best way possible, offering everything from graphic design services to just helping them find their audience in the first place. If creating good website design has you tearing out your hair, read below and take a little of that weight off your shoulders.

Keep It Simple And You’ll Go Far

There’s no reason for your website to be cluttered, noisy or filled to the brim with visual noise. After all, a customer is there for one reason and one reason only — to figure out whether or not they should be buying from you. A site that’s two years old can actually lag behind its competitors, as browsers and devices are constantly updating and keeping up with the demands of a busy and crowded digital landscape. Thankfully, updating can be done in less than a day and last you for months to come.

Quicker Is Usually Better

Customers want their information and they want it now. What better way to keep their experience accurate to their needs than to make sure they’re not waiting unnecessarily? A common rule of thumb is that your website needs to tell your customers what you do in three seconds or less — if it takes any longer you’re likely wasting their time and indirectly sending them to your competitors. Good website design should also not take more than a few seconds to load. A good way to speed up the process is to reduce the amount of animated advertisements and pop-ups.

Don’t Rule Out Simple Communication Skills

No customer wants to feel undervalued or underappreciated. Reaching out to them and communicating with them will go a long way in making your business seem more approachable and trustworthy. Social media is a free and endlessly useful tool for this very necessary daily task, allowing you to regularly update your business proceedings, answer questions and advertise your brand. Although 50% of companies use digital marketing, many still don’t have a set ongoing plan in place. Studies have shown over 80% of companies creating entire teams simply for social media. Are you game?

Always Stay Relevant

With so many people on the go, it’s important to actually go with them. Mobile devices are fast becoming one of the most useful ways of interacting with a business, allowing people to shop and browse while they’re moving back and forth between school, work and errands. At least 60% of companies that designed their website for mobile devices had increased yearly revenue — this includes, but aren’t limited to, laptops, iPhones, tablets and smartphones. When asked to name their number one challenge, at least 15% of digital marketers said they struggled to constantly meet the expectations of the always connected consumer.

Keep Your Website Design As Efficient As Possible

At the end of the day, website design that doesn’t hit the basics risks undermining your business in the long run. You can turn customers off, lose money and end up running your entire operation into the ground before it’s had a chance to start. Customizing your website design for mobile devices will ensure you’re not losing customers, while using online marketing like social media is a fantastic way of connecting to would-be consumers and would-be buyers alike. When it comes down to it, creating the ideal web design is one of the best steps you can take with web marketing solutions.

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