Four Tips to Increase Your Daily Water Consumption

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Our bodies are made up of water and require large amounts of water to remain healthy. Too many people do not consume enough water on a daily basis. This is caused by distaste for water, poor water quality, or simply forgetting. The following tips will help you increase your daily water consumption. In return, you are likely to have more energy, healthier looking skin, and feel better overall.

Track your water consumption
The best way to know if you are getting enough water is to track it. You can do this a couple of different ways. The first way is to simply keep track of how much water you are drinking throughout the day with a pen and paper or an app on your mobile phone. Another way is to portion out the amount of water you want to consume and whatever is left at the end of the day, is how much more you still need to consume. Many retailers today even sell water bottles with tracking lines, so you can pay attention to how much water you are actually getting daily.

Trade out soda and juice for water
Every time you are thirsty, grab a glass of water instead of a soda can or a cup of juice. Even juice has high contents of sugar and can be bad for you. By simply trading out the drinking you are going to drink anyway with water, you will find that you are that much closer to your daily drinking water goal. When calculating drinking, also remember that your foods contribute to your fluid intake too. About 20% of our fluid intake comes from foods.

Find a water source that you enjoy
If you do not enjoy the taste of your water supply, it is unlikely that you are going to drink much of it. Finding a water supply that you enjoy can greatly increase your water intake. Whether it is bottled water, your tap water with water filtration systems, or using the best water softeners to remove hard water, improving the quality of your water will also improve the amount you consume. Many retailers also sell flavor additives that are low in sugar and fat. You can sprinkle them into your tap or bottled water for added flavor.

Improve the quality of your home water system
Tap water is the easiest water to access. If you are not satisfied with how your home?s tap water tastes, there are ways to improve it. Water filtration systems, for example, remove hard water and contaminants in the water supply. The majority of Americans (almost 300 million people) get their tap water from public water systems. The other 15% receive water from private water systems not subject to government regulation.

If you are one of the homeowners that have a water supply that is not subject to government regulation, it is also important to regularly test your water supply. Water filtration systems only help with some types of water contaminations and you might require regular water softener maintenance or more advanced water management systems. You also might consider installing the best reverse osmosis systems for the best quality of water.

Drinking water is important to our body?s health. By the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost more than 1% of its total water. You can increase your water intake levels by finding a water supply that you enjoy. It can also be helpful to measure the amount of water you are getting daily and then compare that to your daily goal. Finally, regularly test your water and install water filtration systems for a better tasting water that you will actually want to drink.

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