Four Benefits Of Digital Printing

Whether you know it or not, printing has played an important role through the history of the world, to say nothing of its history in the United States. Since the advent of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg showed people the capability of printing as well as the power of the printed word.

Printing continues to play an important role in our world today and in the way we conduct business. Nine in 10 customers believe there will always be a need for printed materials and innovations like digital printing (first used in 1993) have allowed printing companies to constantly transform the way they do business and what they can offer to customers.

It’s estimated that the commercial printing industry grew by about 1.7% in 2018 and expected similar numbers for 2019. From digital packing printing to commercial graphics and signage to printed cardboard boxes to packaging for e-commerce, companies that offer digital printing services have a lot to offer to customers.

For customers looking for high quality and strict attention to detail, digital packaging printing is the way to go. For customers who are curious, here’s how digital printing works:

  • A file, which is typically sent in a PDF or other digital format, is cleaned up and sharpened and blown up to meet the requirements of a job.
  • Printers add crop marks and bleed and then adjust them accordingly to make sure there’s no unused space during the final print.
  • Jobs are set up with the goal of using as much of the paper area as possible to cut down on waste. This is known as imposition.
  • The information is printed and then converted to whatever format a person or company needs it in (whether it’s JPG, TIFF, GIF and BMP).

    Bottom line: Digital packaging printing or any other type of digital printing offers, features, flexibility and choices to customers, including printing methods like offset printing and flexographic printing. In an age where we expect information to be up-to-date and accurate all the time, digital printing offers high quality items and fast.

    What are the benefits of digital printing? They include:

    • Customization: Whether a company needs digital packaging printing, business cards, marketing material, direct mail, a signage display, boxes or other items, a digital printing company offers plenty of customization opportunities as well as flexibility.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Plates aren’t required in digital printing, so digital printers can set up jobs faster.
    • Quality: Perhaps the biggest benefit of digital printing is that it produces items of consistently high quality. Colors are crisp and the quality you see from the first flyer in a batch of flyers or from the first card to the last in a batch of business cards is the exact same quality.
    • Quick turnaround: Since there are fewer steps involved in setting up a digital printing job, products such as digital packaging printing can be finished quicker and it’s the ideal choice for short and medium print runs.

    If you’re looking for high-quality, timely printing jobs, you can’t go wrong with digital printing services. Surveys have shown that 80% of businesses claim digital printing is a big help when they’re trying to stand out from the competition. By using services such as these, you’ll be able to have professional, quality looking materials that your customers are sure to love.

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