Five Ways To Create Signage Displays That Catch The Attention Of Customers

Are you a business owner looking for a new way to get customers’ attention? Are you looking for a way to help your small business compete with Internet sales? Are you hoping to make your business stand out?

If the answer is yes, you can’t go wrong with a new signage display for your store. Believe it or not, the average American consumer is exposed to 3,000 messages and ads a day whether it’s billboards, TV ads, Internet ads, social media posts or even magazines. They’re exposed to a lot, but not everything sticks.

The key for your business or any business is getting your messages to stick in the minds of customers. A new signage display can be the perfect way to make that happen and here are tips for pulling it off:

  • Keep things simple: It’s very easy to want to come up with a commercial signage display that’s flashy and your business might want to be flashy too when it comes to its product printing and packaging. The best thing any business can do is to keep things simple. You want your message to be simple and clear because customers may have only a few seconds to see your message and absorb it. A three-to-five word message is easy to digest and makes a customer decide whether or not to stop in.
  • Make sure it’s readable: When it comes to make a new signage display, a simple message is key but it’s important people can read the sign too. Things like LED lights can draw folks’ attention, but you also want them to know about your business. Pick type that’s easily readable and save any wacky fonts and designs for the inside of your store.

  • Be wary of space: Custom signage and signage displays can be a tremendous shot in the arm for your business. But as you go about the creative process, you want to overwhelm people with your signage. When it comes to signage, less is more. So keep the text of signage simple and don’t overwhelm people with a lot of images either.

  • Be generous with color: Whether you’re talking about digital commercial printing (something that’s been in use since 1993) or package printing services or signage displays, color can do a lot to help your business stand out. The right combination of text and color can do wonders. Think about how iconic a brand like Coca-Cola is with simple white script and red backgrounds.
    When it comes to using color, make sure you use it color correctly. Dark color text goes well with lighter backgrounds and vice versa. The right combination, whatever you go with, presents a nice contrast that will stand out to a customer, especially if you’re sticking your signage display outside.

  • Be mindful of images: Many companies have mascots or a pictures associated with them and there’s a lot of them that work very well. Other times companies try very hard to make a mascot work and it doesn’t catch on. What’s the point of that? The point is that if you use pictures for your business or your signage, make sure folks can see them and make them something your intended audience can connect with. Iconic companies with iconic logos have things people can connect to and you’re ultimately angling for that kind of connection.


There’s no doubt that the sky is the limit when it comes to signage displays. If you or your employees are creative people, you can work together to create something that’s really going to stick in the minds of customers who walk by your business every single day. By combining all the right elements—a simple message, the right colors, the right text, the right picture and making a connection with your intended audience, you’ll get their attention, keep it and make others take notice of your business too.

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