Flexible, Affordable, And Easy To Recycle Storage Containers As Today’s Mobile Office And Cafe

Times are changing. Everything is either becoming faster or smaller…usually both!

Nowhere is this more stark than storage containers. No longer content to just ship goods, they’re becoming the go-to option for housing and business. The mobile office is a functional way of making the most out of a small deadline, providing workers a high-quality place to work on half the budget. The restaurant on-the-go can be made out of 40 foot containers that are just as quaint as they are easy to move. Simply put, storage containers for business are here to stay.

How can you transform a storage container into your next great business venture? It’s time to look closer at the details and see just why these are making such a stir in several industries.

Used Shipping Containers Are An Extremely Flexible Resource

It’s no mystery why storage containers are cropping up in several industries for several different purposes. They can do just about anything! There are over 17 million shipping containers in the world, with just six million of them in active use. Some of the biggest container ships are over 1,300 feet long, while others are much more compact and don’t exceed 40 or 50 feet. These can be used as mobile offices, restaurants, temporary studios…you name it!

It’s Easy To Recycle And Reuse Shipping Containers

When you think of change, it’s not unusual to think about green energy and recycling ventures. It’s how the planet is going to be cleaned up, after all, and that mentality should extend to your business. Storage containers are wonderful for many things, but they particularly excel in this area. Each recycled shipping container reuses around 3,500 kg worth of steel. They are then put back into rotation to be turned into portable concession stands and mobile offices.

Several Industries Depend On Shipping Containers

As touched on above, specialty projects and basic business thrive with storage containers. The global fleet has six types of ships today — tankers, container ships, fishing vessels, bulk carriers, general cargo ships, and passenger ships. These are varied enough to sit pretty in several industries. It’s not uncommon to see construction projects today turning to shipping containers for sale to house day laborers. It’s downright trendy for cafes, restaurants, and seasonal concession stands using shipping containers.

Storage Containers Offer A Climate Controlled Space

Is it all just hype and fluff? When you take a look at the storage container specs you’ll no doubt have a few extra ideas coming in. Not only are these easy to recycle, they’re extremely durable and retain temperature easily. Remember these were originally designed to hold strong against the elements, whether it’s long trips across the United States or being carted along the ocean! Enjoy the sturdiness of your cargo containers and regulate temperature without fear of sudden drops.

They’re Easy To Maintain And Easy To Design

Climate controlled shipping containers that are easy to recycle, design, and maintain? That’s music to any stressed manager’s ears. When you invest in portable shipping containers you can set up shop as you go, reducing construction time by several weeks. Due to their sturdy steel design you don’t have to do much cleaning or refurbishing. It’s estimated a single shipping container can last for at least two decades before needing extra attention.

Change with the times with tried and tested tools. Turn to shipping containers to solve your problems of recycling, comfort, and flexibility.

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