Fiver Reasons You Need to Start Marketing on Social Media

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Social media has become a standard in communication between people. It allows you to connect with friends around the world, and reconnect with people you may not have spoken to in years, decades even. But could it be the next marketing platform for your business?

Many online marketing companies will advise against running a social media campaign, but in truth, more people use social media than any other service on the internet. So if you’re thinking about changing up your digital marketing strategy, here are five reasons social media should be the next step for you.

It drives traffic

Every business owner, especially those who want to cultivate an online presence, wants to increase their traffic. Social networking sites are at the top of the list for referrals, and more time is spent on these kinds of websites than any other. Search engines are no longer the only place where branding occurs. Not only that, but social networking sites allow you to be more social about it.


SEO could very well be the most helpful digital marketing solution ever conceived, but like everything, it has evolved. SEO is becoming more social with every search engine update. Even sites like Facebook and Twitter have become integrated search engines, allowing users to track social trends in real time. SEO is all encompassing, and excluding social media from the mix could be detrimental to your business.


As previously stated, social networking allows you to be more social with your advertising. While your website speaks volumes, it can only engage users so much. Social media already engages users, and allows you to communicate and interact with your customer base to form more solid relationships.


With the opportunity to customize social networking profiles, companies can brand themselves in completely new ways. A website can have pages for each employee, but a Facebook page can allow live chats with followers and customers, which can wildly change your brand appeal. The social profile that you create may end up becoming more essential than the actual website in terms of building customer relationships.


It’s difficult to create an entirely separate website for mobile devices, but more people spend time on their mobile devices than on computers now. that being said, most social networking platforms already have accessible mobile apps set up and ready for use. If you create a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or any other number of social networking sites, you have immediate access to the mobile world, which is especially important in building relationships with younger customers.

If you’re thinking about changing your digital marketing strategy, social networking is a great place to start. It can help you create a more contemporary presence, as well as build lasting relationships with your customers.

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