Does Your Business Need Bullet Blast Resistant Doors?

A security system is as robust as its weakest point. Bullet blast resistant doors are ideal for high access denial for active threat and forced entry protection. Different types of doors are used in commercial buildings, as seen in this video.

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Each door type requires a slight solution to ensure it is bullet resistant.

Many doors in commercial buildings have see-through glass windows set in a wooden or metal frame. To ensure this type of door is bullet resistant, consider protecting the glass with a ballistic shield.
A practical method is retrofitting polycarbonate security glazing all through the top of the glass. Commercial building owners can install security framing backfilled with ballistic-grade polycarbonate in an existing framing system.

Bullet blast resistant doors are unbreakable in the event of a forced entry attempt. They can also resist different rounds from specific firearms, making them ideal for commercial buildings. Bullet blast resistant doors hardly shutter in strength. As a result, they prevent potential intruders from shooting down the glass pane in a commercial building door and attempting to open it from inside. .

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