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Do you want to be a website designer? Do you want to be able to provide clients with high quality, easy to use, attractive sites? And do you want to be able to do it all without having to spend two to six years getting an advanced degree in programming?

Website programming platforms are more accessible than ever before, and not just to download. Users who would not know a line of code from a line at the grocery store are able to download the software and easily create a website that has all the form, function, and fashion that make web searchers sit up and take notice. Content Management Systems (CMSs, basically website designing software) are becoming more user friendly every day.

And the support communities are full of helpful tips and tricks to get you up to speed in record time. Most communities offer great discussion forums for members to discuss design tips, clever workarounds, and even discuss features of upcoming releases. But one of the best features of the online support community is the amount of free online training videos available for beginners. You can find Java training videos, concrete5 training videos, and Joomla training videos, as well as full articles pertaining to each.

Furthermore, to use Joomla as an example, you can also enroll in courses that take a more structured approach to learning the capacities of your platform. Joomla training videos are posted in a logical, sequential, classroom like format, complete with homework, tests, and reviews by instructors. Often times these courses are not free, but the value in a more educational framework is well worth the cost. You can watch the Joomla training videos at your own pace, completing the course in as much or as little time as you feel you need to truly master the Joomla CMS.

Whether you enroll in a course or take advantage of free training videos online, the advantages of designing your own websites are clear, the goals are relatively easy to achieve, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

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