Common Uses For Natural Gas

Commercial diesel supply

If you own a non electric vehicle then you know the importance of gas. Right now, there are over 11 million vehicles on the road that are fueled by either compressed or liquefied gas. In other words, our world would not be functioning the way it does today without natural gas. Because the natural gas supply is such an incredibly valuable commodity in our world, the price on it is also important. What many do not know, however, is that in some cases there is a firm fixed gas price that helps many manufacturers do their jobs more efficiently. Below are a few things to remember about natural gas:

1. Positive Environmental Impacts of Natural Gas – Natural gas is a preferred heating method for those who are concerned about the environment because it produces less than half of the CO2 emissions than coal when it is burned. It may not be as clean as renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro, but it is dramatically cleaner than coal which is what the majority of our country uses.

2. Common Uses of Natural Gas – Yes, natural gas helps to run our cars, busses, taxis, and airplanes, but it also serves over 65 million homes and 5 million businesses like restaurants, hospitals, and schools. Our massive use of natural gas is just one of the reasons that it is so important buyers to be able to secure a firm fixed gas price when purchasing what they need.

3. Why Pricing for Firm Fixed Gas Matters – Because of the work of scientists, automobile manufactures, and natural gas suppliers, the majority of today?s diesel engines can 400 to 800 miles on a single tank of gas. That means that diesel engines can travel across some states several times in a week without needing to fill up. That decrease in cost allows those shippers to lower their prices for vendors which trickles down to the buyers of those products. If the price of gas was fluctuating rather than firm fixed gas price, it would be more difficult to budget for that efficiency.

Commercial fuel oil prices may seem like something that does not affect you, but in actuality it absolutely does. If you buy a product from a company that uses diesel engines to ship it through their supply chain then it is highly likely that that diesel runs on natural gas. The next time you fuel up your car, think about how much of a role natural gas plays in your life. You might be surprised!

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