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    The Basics of Coal Ash Remediation

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Air sparge, Coal ash wastewater, Soil vapor extraction

    Government authorities are pretty strict when it comes to the disposal of coal ash. Though Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) won’t necessarily shut your coal ash ponds on condition that they have an impermeable liner, the possibility of a spill and subsequent leaching into the groundwater is still existent. In 2016, EPA released its first set of regulations on the proper disposal of coal ash and treatment of coal ash wastewater. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of coal ash, including what it is, the remediation process, and the importance of the process.

    What is Coal Ash?

    Coal ash also called coal combustion residuals (CCR) is waste formed from the burning of coal mostly for coal-powered plants. Coal ash contains environmental contaminants, including arsenic, mercury, and chromium, to name a few. Research has linked these elements to a variety of medical complications, including cancer.

    How Do Factories Manage Coal Ash Waste?