Behind Dry Ice Cleaning Services

If you are looking to achieve a clean like never before, consider a dry ice blasting service. Ice blasting services have become popular in the United States, but it is not necessarily a new technology in use. In fact, dry ice technology first originated all the back at the end of the 1940s, in the year of 1947. This was the year when the first patent for dry ice technology was ever issues. Of course, in the years that have passed since, dry ice technology has continued to grow and to improve and it is now much more advanced than it was in that first year now more than sixty years in the past. Dry ice blasting companies are prevalent all throughout the United States, and is beneficial for many different reasons and in a wide variety of different industries, from the restaurant industry to the medical field. Of course, it is important for any given dry ice blasting service to be performed by a professional, as a dry ice blasting service works by shooting out dry ice pellets using compressed air at a PSI that sits between eighty and ninety. The dry ice used in the typical dry ice blasting service will also be incredibly cold. As it is kept at a temperature of negative one hundred and nine degrees Fahrenheit, it has the potential to be very dangerous if it is at all mishandled.

By the dry ice blasting service, when done correctly, can be instrumental to keeping industries like the restaurant industry as safe as possible. When you go to a restaurant, you of course want to know that the food you are eating has been prepared safely in a very clean environment, as clean of an environment as you can expect any kitchen to be. Unfortunately, food borne illnesses are not uncommon among restaurant goers in the United States and if someone contracts a food borne illness from a restaurant, it is something that is likely to be detrimental not only to the person who has gotten sick, but to the restaurant itself, which can even lose business over the event. And food borne illnesses are not always easily gotten over. Some people will even become so dehydrated during a bout of a food borne illness that they require hospitalization.

When it comes to preventing such food borne illnesses, it is important first to understand where they originate from. It has now been discovered that there are three main types of hazards that can create unsafe food in the restaurant and even in the home environment too. The first group of potential hazards is that of biological contamination, which refers to the contamination of food by things such as microorganisms. These microorganisms can include bacteria and viruses, things that, when eaten, can cause disease in those who eat them. Chemical contaminants are next, and refer to, as the name suggests, ways in which food can be contaminated by chemical products. Finally, physical contaminants refer to visible matter like hair and dirt which, if it gets into food, can make it unsafe for human consumption.

Fortunately, the use of a dry ice blasting service – if utilized on a regular basis – can help to eliminate these hazards to your food. But dry ice blasting solutions are certainly not limited to the world of restaurants. A dry ice blasting service can also be used to effectively clear mold out of any building, be it a residential building or even a commercial one. And if mold is found, it is important to remove it as soon as possible, as all types of mold can be detrimental to human health. In fact, more than ninety percent (ninety three percent, to be exact) of all chronic sinus infections can be attributed to mold, and some types of mold have even been known to lead to serious complications and death.

However, it is important that the dry ice blasting services be operated safely, as was briefly discussed above. Because dry ice blasting techniques use carbon dioxide, it is important to thoroughly ventilate the area in which you are working. Otherwise, a buildup of carbon dioxide can have detrimental effects even if they are not long lasting.

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