5 Benefits of CMA Software for Real Estate Agents

Realtors know better than anyone that the housing market can see it’s ups and downs within a period of a few years. In 2016 home ownership was at its lowest in 50 years, yet the stock of the U.S. housing market increased more than 6% in 2017. Suburban communities can expect to see a growth of up to 80% over he next decade, meaning that real estate agents should be anticipating this growth and be prepared for it. One way to prepare is utilizing the right software including CMA software. Read below to see the benefits of this software and how it can help realtors for years to come.


CMA software for realtors proves to help with calculations. Realtors are typically very busy with a life of their own, and realtor CMA software can take some of the stress off of them. Multitasking is a skill that most realtors posses, but they don’t want to multitask at the stake of their own family. When you throw multiple clients into the mix, the act of multitasking could become virtually impossible. Productivity is increased with CMA software for realtors. These tools can utilize tasks such as manual calculations for clients and potential clients. That means that the tasks will be completed completely, in a timely fashion and without typical human errors.


There is no doubt that home values can vary greatly depending not only on where you live but a variety of other factors. This information is incredibly useful to realtors, and having this information at their fingertips can sometimes be the difference between closing a sale and not closing one. Utilizing CMA software allows realtors to obtain home values within a certain vicinity based on all the factors that can either raise or lower that value. This helps eliminate mistakes on home values by coupling historic value with current value of homes within the current area.

First Impression

Chances are you are not the first realtor that has been called, but you want to ensure that you are the last. You want to provide your client with information that they want and need, and you want to do it quickly. Having information at your fingertips to not only provide all information, but also answer all of their questions could be the difference between the client choosing you over another company. Choosing CMA software that provides information that you need when you need, no matter what device you are using is invaluable at gaining clients and showing them you have the skills and the tools that they need in order to get the job done.

Useful Information

Many times potential clients are wanting more information besides just home values. They want to know about the neighborhood, the schools within the neighborhood, where the home sits locally, what popular shopping districts the home is near and other relevant information. This can be extremely beneficial when looking for a particular home for a client. Utilizing CMA software can help you answer all these questions and provide all the information they are looking for. This can help them make an informed decision and help you gain a client that could potentially lead to more clients by word of mouth.

File Storage

Knowing the housing market in and out is extremely important for those who make the housing market their line of work. This means you must know current years compared with previous years. CMA software that allows you to store files in the format that you choose can help you with this task. This information can give you a slight edge over your competitors and possibly win that client you have had your eye on. Running your business and viewing and saving files so they are easily accessible is vital, and this software can assist you with that task.

Having the right tools is important for success in your desired field. This software is a beneficial tool that will only continue to be more beneficial. Consider utilizing all available tools including this software to grow your business and clientele.

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