4 Tips to Properly Maintain Your Commercial Elevator

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If your business has an elevator, there are things you need to do to make sure it is safe. It has been estimated that there are about 900,000 elevators around the United States. Each of them serves at least 20,000 people every year. While elevators are very safe, they are said to be at least 20 times more safe than elevators, care needs to be taken with them. It is good to note that there are at least 20 times more elevators than escalators operating around the country, there are about one third of the accidents on elevators than that are reported on escalators. Here are some steps you can take to keep your commercial elevators running healthy and happy.

  1. Inspect your elevators every day. You only are in a good position to know if your commercial elevators are running right if you know how they are supposed to run. Ride them at least once a day and pay attention to how smooth the ride is. Look over the lights to see if any are not working. Replace any lights that are not working as soon as you can. Listen to the way your commercial elevators sound as they are moving up and down. As buildings and elevators age, the way they sound and feel changes. That is why it is so important to know the quirks and specific noises your elevators make. What might be normal in your elevators might signal the need for elevator repairs in others. You should also watch out for any vandalism or graffiti.
  2. Pay attention to how often people use your commercial elevators. There is a good chance that the elevator safety company has given you suggestions about keeping logs for elevator usage that can be helpful in setting times for when it needs to be inspected and maintained. Most commercial and residential elevator services recommend keeping good records of when the unit is used, what repairs are done on it and any problems you notice with the commercial elevator. If there are any real problems, say someone gets stuck in the commercial elevator you will have to bring in the elevator company to inspect and repair the unit. All of this should be recorded in a notebook. Good records on this can help when you have problems in the future.
  3. Watch your cleaning methods. Of course you want to keep the commercial elevators clean and looking great but you need to be careful with what cleaners you use. Some of the harsher chemicals that are often used to clean commercial spaces can be very damaging to the interior workings of an elevator. Talk to your elevator company to make sure you are using the right products on your commercial elevator that get it very clean but do not do any damage to it.
  4. Pay attention to the load limit. Every elevator in the world has a maximum load that it can handle. The fastest way to do real damage to your commercial elevator is to overload it. Your elevator may make it to the right floor even when it has been loaded with too much weight but this greatly accelerates all of the wear and tear on the elevator’s interior mechanisms. The more you do this, the more damage you do and you can create a very dangerous situation for the people who ride your commercial elevator. If you find you consistently need to overload your elevator, you may want to get a new, stronger elevator. This is another reason to pay attention to how your commercial elevators are being used. It may be that you need to have a more robust commercial elevator installed to meet the demands of the people in the building.

Elevators make a lot of modern life possible. When we work in buildings that are 40 and 50 stories high, there would be no way to get furniture to all of the floors without the use of commercial elevators. Every day, people rely on them to get to work and home. While that is a good thing and they do make like convenient in many cities, it is very important to pay attention to keep them running safely and happily.

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