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    If All Invoices Were Paid Americans Unemployment Could Be Reduced By 3% How It Works

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    A late invoice can grind everything to a screeching halt. It’s why you go out of your way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

    You’ll write down a slightly longer clause in your contracts about paying on time. You’ve thought long and hard about how large your late fees should be. When that’s still not enough to get your clients to pay on time, it’s time to talk to lenders about working capital funding strategies. You work hard enough without having to juggle late payments alongside all your other tasks. Accounts receivable funding is a reliable way to make sure you’re still hitting your minimum, each and every time.

    Reduce stress. Keep your hard-earned money. Let’s take a look at how accounts receivable funding works.

    Small Businesses Are Becoming More Common In The United States

    It’s no small wonder why more entrepreneurs are seeking out a good invoice service. Small businesses (defined as a business with less than 500 employees)

    Office Spaces Are Becoming Leaner And Greener The Benefits Of Used Shipping Containers For Sale

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    Recycling is truly one of our best tools. There are simply too many materials out there just waiting to be looked at from a different angle. Just take a look at shipping containers!

    Originally designed to transport several different products and materials, they’ve since been reimagined as the newest eco-friendly strategy. They can be transformed into an on-the-spot office for a construction project. They can be used as a refurbished studio space or a portable cafe that moves with the trends. You name it, a shipping container will provide you a little bit of everything in one handy package. How does it all work?

    Buy used shipping containers for your next eco-friendly project on a deadline. Here are five solid features you’ll gain when you make the switch.

    Shipping Containers Are Low Cost And Low Maintenance

    The most appealing aspect of used shipping containers for sale is how affordable they are. There are over 17 million shipping co

    Three Tips For Proper Power Cylinder Maintenance

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    To say the United States is an oil-producing nation is quite the understatement. In fact, it’s estimated that there are nearly 2.5 million miles of pipelines in the U.S. which transport oil from its source to markets where it can be refined.

    But getting oil to market isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s produced in remote locations and must then be moved to market, whether by ship, by truck by rail or by pipeline. Once it arrives it must be refined in a refinery. In many cases, power cylinders play a big role to keep fluid systems running during the refining process and it’s essential that power cylinders systems be kept clean to keep everything running smoothly. With that in mind, here are three tips for proper power cylinder maintenance:

    • Clean the oil: One of the most important things is the keeper oil clean the last thing you want is to have dirt particles get into your piping equipment and make its way into your cylinder, which can cause all sorts of proble

    Finding the Best Signs For Your Business

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    All businesses, big and small, need advertising and messaging so that they can reach out to customers and consumers, including loyal ones. Today, companies often make use of online marketing such as good website design (including SEO work) and even dedicated social media accounts, but that’s not all. Even the Internet has not made traditional signs and physical displays obsolete; rather, most modern businesses take both routes. A business may hire a web design firm for the online marketing campaign, while that company will get a variety of signs and displays for physical advertising efforts. The topic of web design is distinct from physical signs, though; a business may make use of digital signs, custom retail displays, and even brochure display racks to draw in the crowds. Most Americans spend a lot of time on the Internet, but they still go outside often for business and pleasure alike.

    What You Need To Know About The Vibratory Finishing Process

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    Finishing Systems

    When it comes to metal finishing being able to finish large quantities at once is referred to as “mass finishing”. This process is used for burnishing, and deburring, as well as polishing the metal components. Two of the most common types of this finishing are vibratory and barrel finishing. While both have their pros, here we’ll be focusing mainly on vibratory finishing, and the use of vibratory deburring machines.

    The Use Of Vibratory Machines

    The vibratory finishing process involves the use of specialized deburring machines; a mr deburr is one of the most common types of this machine. Parts and compounds are put into the vibratory tub, which then uses a vibrating force to create friction between the parts inside. As the components grind against each other they become polished. This allows for a mass quantity of components to undergo the de

    Do You Need HVAC Work at Your Home?

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    At least it did not happen while you were out of town on vacation.
    At least the rain cooled things off last night.
    At least the company is no longer staying at your house.
    At least your husband is out of town for the week.
    You keep trying to look for positives, but the fact is your air conditioner not working during the hottest week of the summer is an inconvenience. All four of your bedrooms are up on the second floor, the space that is affected, so sleeping has been nearly impossible the last two nights. In fact, the couple of days before you called the service company the unit was not really keeping up. You blamed it on just getting home from vacation, doing lots of laundry, baking things in the over. In the end, however, when the HVAC service team came out they realized that the problem was a leak. When they tried to refill the unit with refrigerant to get you through the first night, however, you realized jus

    The Importance Of Semi-Annual Borescope Inspections Of Gas Turbines

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    , Inspecting turbines

    A borescope inspection of gas turbines tends to be more complicated than other standard inspections conducted in the industrial and manufacturing industries. This is due to the higher temperatures that gas turbines operate at which can be as high as two-thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

    These inspections are crucial however, and without them internal issues could go undiscovered leading to potential damage and failure. Borescopes are essential for this inspection process, and an inspection should never be performed without them.

    Understanding Inspections

    A borescope enables inspectors to see into parts of the machine that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to view. This allows for an inspection without damage to the machines, and risk to operators.

    The borescope itself can be both flexible or rigid, include lighting, and additional viewing lenses to allow for viewing the interior of the turbine. An operator will use this to carefully inspect the

    How To Properly Utilize A Freezer For Pharmaceuticals

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    Medical Grade Freezers

    Every medical facility has its own unique needs when it comes to choosing the right freezer unit. Labs may need to store biological samples that need to be kept at a specific temp to prevent decay or degradation; whereas a freezer for pharmaceuticals need to be set to ensure the integrity of medications; small clinics may have simpler needs, such as ice packs for minor injuries. Every facility is different, and therefore having the right freezer can make a huge difference.

    Medical and pharmaceutical freezers are tailored to prevent temperature fluctuations that can cause damage to samples, vaccines, and medication. The standard in-home unit is much less reliable, and therefore not appropriate to use in a medical setting. It is imperative that the right equipment is used to ensure optimal temperature is maintained, and nothi

    Here are Three Important Reasons Your Office Needs a Paper Shredder

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    When you work in an office setting, there are a number of tools and devices that you will need to have. One device that is a must for any office is a commercial paper shredder. Commercial paper shredders, as the name implies, are devices that can completely shred and destroy documents by tearing them into tiny strips that are then disposed into the trash. Most offices will have some type of high capacity paper shredders somewhere in the building, and if your office doesn’t have at least one they should definitely get one. This article will look at several reasons why your office needs to have a secure paper shredder.

    • Prevent Identity Theft: One important reason to have a commercial paper shredder is because shredding documents helps to prevent identity theft. If crucial documents containing personal information are thrown away intact, there is a chance that these documents can be s

    Here are Three Reasons Why It’s Important to Use Commercial Packaging for Food Products

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    If you work in any company that sells food products, commercial food packaging bags are extremely important. If you go to any grocery store and look around, food packaging is everywhere on just about any product you can imagine. Commercial food packaging bags can be used to hold anything from dog food, to coffee and tea, to organic food, just to name a few examples. It’s very important to use commercial packaging for food products for a number of reasons. This article will take a look at a few of those reasons.

    • Advertises Your Company: One reason to use commercial packaging for food products is that it is a good way to advertise your company to consumers. For any food packaging, like packaging for tea, pet food packaging, or coffee bag packaging, just to name a few examples, these all provide excellent opportunities to prominently display the name of your company and what your company is about. Advertising on packaging is a great way to let consumers know more about your