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    3 Reasons to Schedule Gas Turbine Inspections Today

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    Because natural gas is the second most widely utilized energy source, the importance of insuring that your gas turbines are properly inspected is paramount. Your gas turbines are incredibly efficient, but this efficiency means that if something goes wrong, it can be catastrophic, both in terms of safety and of productivity. Here are some of the important benefits of gas turbine inspections:

    Keeps an Eye on Wear and Tear of Equipment

    Because you see your equipment every day, it can be easy to miss the wear and tear that occurs over time. A third party turbine inspection will allow someone to see your gas turbines with a fresh set of eyes, catching potential trouble spots before they have a chance to break down.

    Borescope Inspection Helps You See the Inside

    In addition to inspection of the outside of the equipment, the most important service gas turbine inspections can prov

    The Importance Of Semi-Annual Borescope Inspections Of Gas Turbines

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Borescope inspection, Gas turbine, Inspecting turbines

    A borescope inspection of gas turbines tends to be more complicated than other standard inspections conducted in the industrial and manufacturing industries. This is due to the higher temperatures that gas turbines operate at which can be as high as two-thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

    These inspections are crucial however, and without them internal issues could go undiscovered leading to potential damage and failure. Borescopes are essential for this inspection process, and an inspection should never be performed without them.

    Understanding Inspections

    A borescope enables inspectors to see into parts of the machine that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to view. This allows for an inspection without damage to the machines, and risk to operators.

    The borescope itself can be both flexible or rigid, include lighting, and additional viewing lenses to allow for viewing the interior of the turbine. An operator will use this to carefully inspect the