Your Future Success Is Boiled Down To The Basics Five Important Things Your Packaging Should Be Doing

Is your packaging good enough to entice curiosity, talk about your business, and cement a purchase?

This isn’t a tall order. The function of effective graphic design and packaging design is to communicate a lot in a very short window of time. Customers are busy, after all, and they don’t have endless time to devote to the minutia of your business practices. Your logo, color scheme, and even where you place your text will go a long way in getting that coveted snap decision. Fortunately, the art of good design has been whittled down to a near-exact science.

From attractive color schemes to useful information, here’s a basic rundown of what your packaging should be doing in 2019.

Graphic Design Does Best With Simplicity, Not Complexity

You may be tempted to overload your protein powder bags with as many flashy graphics as possible to hold attention. Resist the urge. The less is more approach is the fundamental logic of graphic design, irregardless of product. Just look at the billboards and signs you pass by on the way to work! It’s best to keep your colors no more than three, with a strong focal point to draw the eye…you’ll thank yourself for your restraint later.

You Should Be Giving Customers Extra Reasons You Stand Out

You have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of competitors. How do you stand out from the rest? Take some time to lean back and look at all the others in your industry — this can include, but isn’t limited to, their design approach, their slogans, and their logos. The average American supermarket holds more than 20,000 products, all competing to attract attention. Dog food packaging and protein powder bags all have to do their best to stand out from the pack.

Coffee And Tea Industries Are Doing Well Lately

If you work in the coffee and tea industries, you’re already ahead of the curve. These niches have been doing very well these past few decades. The average American coffee drinker relies on three cups to get through the day, with 55% of Americans over the age of 18 drinking coffee on a daily basis. Tea and coffee often go hand-in-hand, too, and this can be useful in attracting similar consumer bases. What, exactly, is making one coffee or tea brand sell well while others fall into obscurity?

American Consumers Are Reading More Labels Than Ever

Never assume your customers are just grabbing whatever comes up first on the shelf. American consumers are more discerning than ever, with a recent study finding two out of three Americans regularly read food labels. In fact, another survey found 85% of shoppers stating their purchase decisions were informed by reading a product package while browsing. What messages are your chocolate packaging and protein powder bags getting across, irregardless of age or demographic? What isn’t your package saying and why?

Custom Printed Bags Should Check Every Box Off The List

There’s always room for improvement. Nowhere is this more true than with modern packaging basics. Your protein powder bags and custom printed coffee bags have a world of potential just waiting to be explored…all you have to do is take a critical eye to your logo and ask, “What could be better?”. Custom packaging is one such niche you can consider, particularly for loyal consumers. Almost 55% of online consumers today state they would return to a business for another purchase if they received their products in premium packaging.

Entice curiosity. Inspire a purchase. Go over the basics in your commercial food packaging bags this year so you can grow your own success.

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