Why the Sandwich Board is Making a Business Comeback

Businesses are always looking to improve their advertising. Most of us are aware that a well-placed sign can greatly increase traffic and brand recognition. In fact, the right sign can expose consumers to a particular brand as often as 50 or 60 times every month. Over 70% of people say that they look at the messages they see on the side of the road, and the estimated value of signage on the site of your business is roughly equal to taking out 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. Furthermore, 85% of survey people say that they agree signs say something about the personality or the character of the business they advertise. This is one of the reasons to buy sandwich board advertising, and why a-boards are making a comeback.

Buy Sandwich Board Ads: Their History

The sandwich board sign came into its own during the 1800s. They were the go-to advertising for local businesses for a long time, but as cities grew and became more crowded, they fell out of popularity. They began to get in the way of pedestrian traffic, and, even worse, as cars became more common these custom display boards were blocking the sight lines of drivers.

Buy Sandwich Board Ads: The Comeback

These days the sandwich board as a custom display board for business advertising is making a real comeback. This can be seen in the new regulations that are popping up in city after city. Prohibitions against the signboards are being repealed, and in their place regulations are being made that allow the sandwich board to coexist with both pedestrians and drivers. Seattle, for example, now allows them, but requires a street use permit and regulates the dimensions and the locations of the sandwich board sign. This is happening because businesses are increasingly seeing the value of this form of advertisement.

Buy Sandwich Board Ads: Why We Like Them

People enjoy these kinds of signs. They have a type simplicity and cozy homeliness that invites us in. They provide a way for artisans to showcase their skills, as well as a way for small businesses that cannot afford other types of signs to still show what is unique about them. There bring character to the neighborhoods where they exist, and they can be removed whenever necessary. We like them because businesses can display witty comments on social, political or just culinary topics. Some are silly, some are clever, some are thought-provoking, and some are even offensive. They get noticed, and that is precisely why they are so effective.

Buy Sandwich Board Ads: They Work

There’s not much in the way of professional scientific studies on the effectiveness of the sandwich board as an advertising tool. However, personal experience has been showing shop owners and restaurant and café managers just how effective this form of advertising can be. Some claim that the boards are the greatest advertising they’ve ever invested in, and a clever board is very likely to make it to social media, which broadens opportunities to gain new customers. We do already know from other studies about signage in general that 85% of any company’s customers live within five miles of the business and see the sign for that business as often as 50 times a week. Half of all customers who come in to any business do so because of the signs.

Love them or hate them, sandwich boards are making a comeback. They’re fun and provocative and provide an inexpensive outlet for small businesses and artists to showcase their unique talents, and effectively get across brand messages. The majority of your potential customers are looking to the quality of your sign to reflect the quality of your business. Sandwich board signs might just be the right choice for your small business.
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