Why Start an Electrician Apprenticeship

There are more than a few trades that offer good careers, but how do you know what is the right trade for you? In the attached video, one electrician talks about why you might want to consider a career as an electrician and why beginning with an electrician apprenticeship is a good idea. If you want to begin a career as an electrician, the video offers some excellent tips on how to get started, but it all begins with finding an electrician apprenticeship opportunity as step one. Here are a few advantages and reasons why you want to start your career as an electrician as an electrician apprentice.

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The most important reason for an electrician apprenticeship is that it is a requirement for becoming an electrician. Licensed electricians are required to have a minimum number of credit hours (classwork) and on-the-job training hours (apprenticeship). Next, electricity is something that you do not want to learn the hard way, and it can be deadly. Working as an apprentice is the safe way to get that training without any unwanted surprises or learning curves along the way. Last, but not least, an apprenticeship will set you up to start your own business or open doors to careers with other companies. Good luck with your apprenticeship and your career as an electrician.

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