Why Doctors Need Business Training Videos

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Are you a doctor starting your own practice, or joining a new practice where you are responsible for your own business book? As a doctor, your first responsibility is to medicine and your patient. Business skills are incidental to keeping the patient well. Unfortunately, they really do not teach business skills in medical school. That is why there are business training videos for the medical profession. These business training videos are a great way to orient doctors towards the realities of maintaining a practice, and can educate them for very little.

As mentioned, medical schools do a poor job training doctors for the realities of business. Part of this is simply because medical schools have only limited space for anything other than medicine in their curriculum. An even bigger reason is that medical schools have not kept up with rising doctor expenses. Medical malpractice insurance, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, can completely offset any fees for doctoral visits.

To make up for this loss, doctors need business training videos. These free training videos can teach them basic skills like bookkeeping, filing, tracking expenses, and keeping a budget. These business training videos can also educate doctors on marketing practices, which are increasingly important.

Of course, there are legal concerns doctors may not have learned in medical school. These concerns often stem from the Health Insurance Act, or HIPAA. Free HIPAA training videos can educate doctors. A HIPAA training video freely cover the finer points of the law, and best practices for maintaining confidentiality.

Modern doctors have many more responsibilities than the last generation. That is why there are business training videos to help. These business training videos make up for lost years of business education at medical school, and help a doctor run his practice efficiently. In short, business training videos let doctors proceed with dignity.

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