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Buying new clothing is very fun, and people tend to do it a lot. The main problem isn’t with their new clothing, but rather their old clothing. What happens to it? Most of the time, it simply sits in the bottom of a drawer, or hangs forlornly in the back of a closet, forgotten. Sometimes, they get thrown out — believe it or not, but the average American throws away almost 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles every year. Textiles account for 5% of municipal waste, and besides hurting the environment, it is also a shame because there are so many people in need of clothes who would be happy to have a lot of what ends up in landfills. Check out this list of three types of people who could greatly benefit from your clothing donations and household donations:

Kids need to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in order to go to school and concentrate on growing up strong. Many parents aren’t able to afford clothing that completes these aims for their children. Kids clothing is the easiest to donate, since they don’t tend to wear out in quite the same way, since kids only wear them for a couple of years before growing out of them. Make it a point to always donate your child’s clothing to kids who aren’t quite as lucky.

Many veterans find themselves down on their luck after they return from service, and despite the fact that the American public is so grateful to them, many veterans have a hard time reacclimating to civilian life. In order for them to get back on their feet, they need to stay warm and have appropriate clothing for interviews.

People Down on Their Luck
Other people besides veterans also sometimes fall on bad times, and they greatly benefit from being able to buy cheap or receive clothing from donations. By providing good clothing for them, they can concentrate on uplifting themselves and their families.

So, look out for the nearest clothing drop off location so that you can do your best at helping families in need . Household donations are also appreciated, especially for families fallen upon hard times.

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