When You Should Get Rid of Your Old Clothes

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Every spring, people dust off the last hint of winter both figuratively and literally by performing Spring Cleaning, a yearly ritual for many. By scrubbing a home from top to bottom, a person can symbolically make their homes ready for the new while discarding the old. It is here where the wise individual moves beyond mere symbolism in favor of literally throwing out the old, unwanted or forgotten items that everyone seems to accumulate. What prevents some from removing these items from their homes is not really knowing when to donate clothes and household goods, not to mention where. While the information here cannot help a person choose which items to keep and which to toss, it will at least help get you started.

Keep or Toss?

  1. You Cannot Remember When You Used It Last: No matter how much part of you might still think that dress is adorable if you cannot recall the last time you wore it then it may be time to let it go. That is equally true of the breadmaker you used once when your Mom bought it for you six years ago or any other item in the back of the hall closet.
  2. You Cannot Imagine Yourself Wearing It: That cute dress you have not worn in who knows how long? If you cannot picture yourself in it on a date with a straight face, get rid of it.
  3. The Effort to Use It Outweighs the Appeal: Sure, it might be nice to have fresh made bread out of your own kitchen, but if you know you are never going to add the necessary ingredients to your shopping list or take time away from the television for it, then you do not need it.

Where to Donate Household Items and Clothing

Those paying attention will notice that this article does not mention the trash as an option for old items. There are always organizations seeking charitable clothing donations and they are often equally happy to accept household items. These organizations then turn those charitable clothing donations into a means of helping others. That is a far better option for the items you no longer need than rotting away in a landfill.
By taking the time to sort through old clothes and household items, you can help others while simultaneously reclaiming your closet space. With such beneficial purposes for your charitable clothing donations, you cannot go wrong, so find a local donation center today.

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