What You Didnt Know About Being An Electrician

Being an electrician involves many different jobs and responsibilities. Commercial electrical contracting jobs can vary depending on what is available in your area as well as your level of expertise. Watch this video to follow an electrical contractor through his average day.

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An electrical contractor will usually do a lot of jobs on ground-up construction sites. This includes doing work with the exterior and underground electrical systems. In the video, the contractor also does work on the main switch gear for a ground-up construction site. The group-up work done on fast food restaurants, like the one in the video, usually doesn’t involve doing work on the T.I(technical improvements) of the interior. This is usually left to specific electricians dedicated to T.I. Instead, they do things like setting up wiring for parking lot lights, underground electrical wiring and other exterior electrical components.

When deciding on jobs to take, an electrical contractor needs to bid their project correctly. Even before bidding, you should get in contact with utilities to make sure you don’t need to dig somewhere you are not permitted to. Bidding on projects involves analyzing the required materials list, and comparing all necessary costs with how long it will take your crew to finish the job. This will determine the pricing of the project and what your profit margin will potentially look like.

Commercial electrical contracting involves a lot of logistical work alongside the actual manual labor. If you have any further questions about commercial electrical contracting, reach out to a local professional.

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