What You Can Expect From an MDT 489 Potain Crane For Sale

Before falling for that advertisement of a Potain crane for sale, there are several factors you must consider. Not just any Potain crane for sale will offer you the best deal. You have to assess the features of the Potain MDT 489 Tower crane. It must have a maximum capacity of 25 or 27.

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6 USt, a maximum radius of 256 ft, and a maximum tip capacity of 3.9 USt. A topless Potain tower crane means it has less headroom. It has a compact counter lib, which increases vertical clearance between buildings or other cranes compared to traditional designs. The crane offers stronger performance, compactness, and fast assembly and will help you win more jobs. You can easily switch between 2 or 4 part lines with the crane control system. You can remove the single pin from the hookblock at the ground. There will be fast and easy line change when the block pins back into the trolley through the CCS system.

The tower crane boasts proven technology to keep your job site efficient and working. Assembling it is 2x faster than a tie bar connection. It offers a slinging scenario to optimize mobile crane use. The main jib uses the same pin-connection system as other new Potain cranes. All crane configuration limit settings were completed using a CCS display from the cab.


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