What to Know Before Becoming a Tow Truck Driver

Tow truck drivers are known to assist with vehicular accidents and breakdowns. A tow truck driver arrives at the scene and connects the damaged vehicle to the truck. They tow the damaged car safely back to the service center or junkyard.

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So, if you plan to have a towing business one day, here are the things to know about tow truck drivers.

Duties and Responsibilities of Tow Truck Drivers

Here are the common duties of tow truck drivers.

* They receive and communicate with the company dispatcher.
* They arrive at the scene of vehicular accidents and breakdowns.
* They conduct roadside vehicle diagnostics.
* Perform any minor repair of a vehicle.
* Communicate with customers and determine the nature of the vehicle problem.
* Coming up with a course of action.
* Changing tires, reconnecting vehicle parts, and jump-starting vehicles.
* Connects the damaged vehicle to the truck using a chain, steering block, or winch.
* Tow the car and bring it to their authorized service center or junkyard.
* Completing the paperwork and reporting to the base.

The Requirements for being a Tow Truck Driver

Here are the requirements to become a tow truck driver.

* GED or High School diploma
* Automotive repairs and maintenance experience
* Driver’s license
* Basic knowledge of electrical systems and vehicle mechanics
* Good communication skills
* Has an advanced driving course


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