What to Know About Contracts for Copier Services

Despite the recent calls to reduce the paperwork in offices for environmental conservation purposes, the copier remains an integral part of any office. It is impossible to eliminate paperwork. An office may decide to either buy a copier or lease one. When the cost of buying a copier is too high depending on the number of copiers needed, the lease option becomes viable. When deciding on a lease contract one must ask, what services does the retailer or service provider give? The service provider may provide a safe network in which the copier runs or just the physical aspects of the copier.

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There are several contract options a buyer can choose from when purchasing a copier. The first option is the pay-as-you-go option. In this option, payments are only made when the services are required. The second option is the all-in-one lease payment. This option usually has a bulk payment for a number of printers or copies made in a month. The third option is the lease and maintenance are separate. In this type, one needs to pay for maintenance and lease separately.
Elements such as age and copier speeds may affect the costs of copier services. Other details such as the availability of spare parts, whether the copier needs updates, or whether one is using a monochrome or colored copier are important. when deciding on the copier services provider, one needs not only to consider the price but also the services offered visa vee the services needed.

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