What Does a Perfect Employee Today Look Like?

If you were to ask many employers what makes for the best employees, you might be surprised at the answer: someone who stays!

Whether your business is looking for help from them agencies in Texas or searching for assistance in finding the best executive candidates in the midwest, it is likely that you have a couple of similar goals. Finding the right candidate, of course, is always a priority in a time when many parts of the country are looking at record low levels of unemployment, but it is also essential to find ways to keep the hires that you make. When it is an applicant’s market, for instance, a business can lose a well vetted and qualified employee to another company. And while there will always be a company that can offer your employees more money or more benefits, some businesses are finding that with the best on boarding procedures and employee recognition programs, there is a way to make sure that the best employees stay, in spite of the lucrative job offers.

Temp Agencies in Texas and Other States Face Difficult Hiring Challenges

Like other major cities in the U.S., temp agencies in Texas and Dallas may be finding it difficult to find the right candidates to present to their clients. In a time when, for instance, immigration threats are higher than ever, there may actually be a decreased number of workers coming into this country. Workers that are needed to fill entry level positions and and jobs that involve difficult and often dangerous work conditions. There have been many times in this nation’s history when filling jobs has been a problem and this is now again the case in many fields. From the trash collection industry to the new construction market, in fact, there are often seasonal hiring challenges that come with many of the jobs that are constantly struggling to fill openings.

The latest research indicates that as many as 3 million temporary and contract employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week. And as the nation transitions from summer and fall outdoor seasonal work in some parts of the country, there are still many holiday positions that will likely go unfilled. In fact, using the year 2016 as an example, U.S. retailers hired an extra 570,000 people for the holiday season.
Temp agencies in Texas may have a year round need for workers who can help in the oil fields and farms, but this can compound into a problem with filling the seasonal worker needs when it comes to staffing holiday services during the winter. As a result, in many industries it becomes nearly more important to find an employee who will stay as it is to find that employee in the first place. The most successful employment agencies are able to transition to fill the needs of employers any part of the country, during any time of the year.

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