What Do Metal Shearing Services Do?

If you need a piece of metal cut, you need to work with metal shearing services. In their YouTube video, “Metal Shearing Service,” Cutting Edge Fabrication demonstrates their shearing service. Their company is dedicated to providing metal fabrication and cutting.

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Metal Shearing

Metal shearing machines to precisely cut pieces of metal. To ensure accuracy in cutting, a shearing arm locates the exact location to cut, on the metal. The metal is then pressed between a top and bottom blade to guarantee the exact location of the cut. The size and thickness of the cut are produced according to a client’s request.

Metal shearing is considered an affordable and accurate method of cutting large metal pieces. It can also cut smaller lengths. Cutting Edge can cut metal up to 25 inches by 10 feet. Their machinery offers many cutting devices that will cut quickly, while producing the most accurate results.

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