What Business Owners Need to Know About Their Roof

If you’re the owner of a business, maintaining your commercial building roof structure is just as important as tending to your sales and clients. If you want to maintain your building without issues or costly repairs, you’ll need to know how to spot issues and potential problems with any commercial building roof structure you own. Knowing how to keep an eye on your commercial building’s roof is a way for you to ensure your roof will remain intact and in proper condition for many years to come.

The Age of Your Roof

Before you begin searching for local commercial roofing services to assist you with your roof, it’s important to consider the actual age of the current roof you have in place. When you’re maintaining a commercial building roof structure, monitoring the age of your roof is essential. While most standard residential roofs last between 15 and 25 years, many commercial roofs last between 20 and 30 years. Depending on the materials you’re using for your roof, a commercial roof can even last more than 80 years.

If you’re unsure of the age of your roof, you can call on a local commercial roof repair company or contractor to learn more. Referencing original warranties can also help you identify when the roof was initially installed if you’re not the original developer of the building. Working with a professional who specializes in commercial roofing is also a way for you to learn more about the specifics of the structure and condition of your roof at any time.

Condition of Your Roof

If you’re determined to take care of your commercial building roof structure, you’ll need to consistently monitor the overall condition of the roof itself. This is not always easy to do, especially if you have a multi-story building. After a major storm or even a significant snowfall, conducting a routine inspection is highly recommended.

Working with professionals who specialize in assessing roofing storm damage is also advisable after experiencing heavy rainfall, a downpour, or even a serious natural disaster. Commercial roof inspections can help determine if there are issues that need to be repaired or if your gutter system is clogged. When you work with a professional commercial roof inspector, you can also request photos or even video of the actual inspection to see more for yourself.

Paying close attention to the condition of your commercial roof year-round is crucial, especially if you live in a climate that is temperamental or unpredictable at times. If you want to prevent sitting water, major leaks, or even damaged gutter systems, you’ll want to schedule routine inspections or maintenance services as necessary. When you’re living in a high-risk location, routine inspections may be recommended at least once or twice a year, depending on the age and current condition of your roof.

When you begin working with professional roofers, they will often have the ability to easily determine the current age of your roof, regardless of the size of your building or the type of roofing material used. The more experienced a roofer is, the easier it’ll be for them to assist you with pinpointing the cause of any issues you might be experiencing, from a lack of insulation to roof leaks and more. When you’re working with a professional commercial roofer, you can also learn more about how to prevent water damage and standing water on your roof to ensure minimal damage and risk to your business at any time of the year.

Type of Materials Used on Your Commercial Roof

Before you begin searching for new roofing estimates or researching roofing replacement options with local commercial roofing services, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the type of roofing materials your commercial building currently has in place. Understanding which materials were used in the construction of your commercial building roof structure can also help determine what type of professional service you’ll require for inspections, repairs, and installations. If you currently have a commercial metal roof in place, working with local metal roofing contractors is highly recommended.

Finding a specialized roofer who understands the exact type of material your roof is made of can help significantly with determining potential issues, repairs that are necessary, or the overall condition of your roof itself. When you’re working with someone who understands the ins and outs of your commercial roof’s material, it’s also much easier to ask questions regarding small repair jobs and when it might be time for a brand-new replacement. Reputable roofing contractors or companies will also walk you through the process of comparing different roofing materials that are best for your commercial space based on your location and the climate or region you’re located in.

To begin learning more about popular commercial roof materials, you can turn to traditional construction books or even online guides and trusted resources. From videos to material manuals, you can learn everything there is to know about both residential and commercial roofing materials when you choose to do so online from a credible source. Understanding the basics of commercial roofing materials can also help you decide once you’re ready to replace the existing roof you currently have in place.

Warranties in Place

When you’re the owner of a business, and you want to take care of your commercial building roof structure, you may want to check if there are any existing warranties in place. Even if you’re the new owner of a commercial space, you can research when the roof was initially installed and by whom to determine if the roof is still covered under the initial warranty provided. You will also need to contact the warranty provider directly to verify that the warranty is still valid if you’re in need of assistance with any damage or wear and tear you’re experiencing before the warranty expires.

If you’re in the market for a new commercial property, it’s also advisable to inquire about any potential warranties that are available to you regarding your roof. This is especially important if you’re investing in a property that is older or one with a roof that appears worn and outdated. Protecting your investment is essential, which is why it’s always vital to ensure you have a warranty to protect you anytime you’re investing in commercial properties or even commercial roofs for your business.

The Cost of Repairs and a Replacement

Whenever you find yourself in need of commercial roofing services or even roof replacement services, it’s important to prepare your finances in advance. Researching the potential cost of repairs or even a replacement roof for your commercial building is essential before you call a local contractor or company to help. Calculating the cost of the type of roofing material you’re interested in, labor, and potential hidden costs can help you better prepare for any type of work you’re interested in having done.

Repairing and replacing a commercial building roof structure can quickly add up in cost, which is why it’s also important to compare your options when seeking new material suppliers and even various contractors or companies you’re thinking of hiring. Request quotes and in-person estimates from each reputable commercial roofer near you to learn more about your options, which can help you in making an educated and informed decision. You can also research testimonials of previous clients in your area to gauge how much you’re likely to spend based on the type of roofing work or repairs you need to complete.

Be sure to take your exact type of roofing material, size, and condition into account when you’re calculating potential repairs. Having a professional inspection conducted first can also provide you with the insight you need to determine if your roof requires minor repairs or if it’s time to shop around for a brand-new replacement commercial roof. You will also want to become familiar with various roof manufacturers and suppliers who specialize in commercial roofing for the best price and the highest-quality outcome, regardless of the size of your current roof.

Finding the Right Roofing Company

Once you make the decision to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof or if you’re in the market for repairs or a replacement roof, you’ll want to find a local commercial roofing company who is qualified to take on the task. Hiring a commercial roofing professional is a way for you to rest assured knowing your company’s roof is in the hands of a professional and that your investment is secured and protected. When you’re working with a local roofing contractor or company that’s reputable and known among members of your community, they’re much more likely to be licensed and insured, protecting your investment from all angles.

If you’re a new business owner or if you’re new to working on roofs, you’ll want to take your time when researching local commercial roofing professionals and/or companies near you. The more familiar you become with various roofers and commercial providers, the easier it’ll be for you to settle on a choice based on the type of roofing work you’re interested in for your building or structure at the time. If you want to get to know more about the roofing companies or contractors that specialize in commercial roofing near you, it’s possible to do so by asking neighbors, friends, relatives, and even business owners in your area for input and recommendations.

To gain even more insight into the various contractors and commercial providers of roofing services in your city or town, you can turn to local business directories, online search engines, official company websites, and, in some instances, social media platforms. Using the internet to research various commercial contractors is a way to quickly gain access to visual portfolios of completed work and projects from the past, including commercial projects with roofs similar to your own. Finding a provider or commercial roofing company that is well-versed when it comes to working with your type of roof can help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of the type of work you’re interested in.

When you’re meeting with local roofers or commercial companies, be sure to inquire about portfolios they have or samples of their work to determine if they are the right fit for the type of roof work you’re seeking. You can also inquire about licensing and insurance, as this is crucial anytime you’re having a contractor or company work on your property in a professional capacity. Licensing and insurance will protect you from liabilities while also protecting your initial investment in your roof. The more familiar a roofing contractor or company is with the type of roof you have installed in your own place of business, the easier it will be to guarantee that any type of work you’re interested in completing is done on time.

Scheduling Routine Roofing Maintenance Services

Anyone who is careful about monitoring their commercial building roof structure will understand the benefits of scheduling routine roofing maintenance services. Working with professional commercial roofers is a way to ensure your roof is inspected and well-maintained year-round. Scheduled routine roofing maintenance services will protect the investment you’ve made in your roof while also mitigating potential disasters, such as sitting water or even major leaks that seep into your commercial building’s interior.

Scheduling routine roofing maintenance services will allow you to spend more time focusing on the growth of your business, rather than stressing or worrying about your roof. Once you have located commercial roofing companies or contractors you can trust, you can call them after a storm or natural disaster for the assistance you require right away. With scheduled maintenance services in place, you can maintain your peace of mind as you’re able to spend more time tending to what matters most for your business.

Anytime you’re a business owner, taking care of your commercial building roof structure will help ease your mind and protect your investment, regardless of the type of building you’re in or the industry you represent. Monitoring the overall health and condition of the entire commercial building roof structure you’ve invested in is imperative if you want to ensure it remains intact. The more familiar you are with maintaining commercial roofs, the easier it’ll be for you to keep track of your roof’s needs while focusing on the growth and expansion of your business.

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