What Are Working Conditions Like for Well Drillers?

AlisWebsite states that well drillers must have the strength, medical attitude, physical fitness, and manual dexterity to ensure efficient performance. The working conditions of well drillers can be categorized into interpersonal, physical work, and work performance.
The interpersonal working conditions of well drillers are that the drillers have medium contact with fellow drillers.

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Also, the drillers often operate as a team where they have to hold equipment. Telephone and one-on-one conversations are common communication means for the well drillers. Physical work conditions for the well drillers are recognizable. To start with, well drillers operate outdoors where they experience severe sun exposure.
They also wear hats, gloves, and masks because they are exposed to harmful conditions. Well drillers work under extreme temperatures during winter and summer. Drilling machinery is ever clean. Well drillers must have the capability to work alongside the bag’s speed. Moreover, well drillers should match the drilling machinery’s speed of operation. Well drillers realize they are responsible for their safety and that of their co-workers.

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