What Are NEMA 5 15 Outlets?

There are different types of outlets that have different purposes. But what are they? And how can you tell? Keep reading and then watch this video to learn a bit more about NEMA 5 15 outlets.

These are commonly used household outlets. They hold up to 1,875 watts of electricity and are rated up to 15 AMPS and 125 volts.

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This makes them perfect for plugging in things like phones, lamps, computers, TVs, and chargers. This is often confused with a similar-looking outlet, the NEMA 6 50.

The 6 50 version is much larger and can support double the voltage. The NEMA 5 15 can only support up to 125 volts. The 6 50 should be used for commercial purposes. If you try to plug the 6 50 into a 5 15 outlet, it won’t even fit. It’s important to use the right plugs in your home.

If you do need to use the 6 50 for some reason, consult an electrician about where it is safe to install in your household. You can watch this video for more resources about different outlets and their uses. Reach out to an electrician or an electrical company today about installing new outlets and caring for your old ones.

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