Using a Hydraulic Wrench

Hydraulic wrench

When a simple, handheld wrench cannot tighten the nuts and bolts properly, a hydraulic wrench can apply a high level of torque to the nut or bolt in order to get it fastened properly. A hydraulic wrench is an oversized, industrial piece of equipment that is designed to help tighten bolts and nuts on a variety of projects.

A hydraulic wrench is commonly used on projects that range from tightening bolts and nuts on industrial pipes, to working on oil rigs, and other industrial settings. The projects that require the use of these types of wrenches typically involve oversized bolts and nuts where a traditional wrench could not be used.

Using a hydraulic wrench is different than a handheld wrench. Hydraulic torque wrenches come with a power hose, power pack, and multiple adjustable parts. Before a hydraulic torque wrench can be used, it must be properly assembled. Proper assembly of a hydraulic wrench includes attaching the power hose to the power pack and wrench, and making sure the connection of the hose is tight.

After the wrench has been properly assembled, the settings must be adjusted. All hydraulic wrenches have adjustable settings that allow them to work on a number of projects. The wrench must be set to the proper torque wrench calibration for it to work properly. The proper setting is important because if the torque tightens the nuts and bolts too tightly it could result in cracking and splintering on the pipes or equipment.

There are two ways individuals can determine the proper setting for their torque wrench. The first way is to have a predetermined setting set up for the project. This is usually the case in projects that have been completed before and the instructions know exactly what setting the wrench needs to be set at to work properly.

The second way to determine what setting a hydraulic wrench needs to be set at is to do a little guess work. Individuals will need to start at the lowest setting and slowly work their way up. Once they feel a little pressure and tightening on the bolt that is the setting that will work.

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