Understanding the Main Types of Background Check Services

Hiring is an essential process for any company. But when the right procedure is not followed, the entire process can be quite chaotic. For employers to get the right people for every hire, a background check service is essential. This process prioritizes the safety of both current employees and customers. Let’s discuss background screening check services in a bit more detail.

What is A Background Check Service?

A background check service is a process a company or an individual uses to help verify whether a potential hire is who they say they are and whether they should be considered for a position at a given company. It allows employers to compile and look at criminal records, employment history, financial records, and commercial records of businesses or potential employees. The information obtained from these checks helps to confirm if hiring or investing with a particular company or individual is the right thing to do. The type of background check services that a company or an individual can request depends on several factors, including the job description, the policy of the company or individual, and more.

Different Types of Background Screening Checks

Background screening services consist of different checks and potential employees or investment companies can undergo all or some of these checks. Here are a few types of background screening services you can expect.

1. Employment background checks

Employers will typically run a background check on their potential hires. This helps in preventing them from hiring individuals who might become a threat or a liability to the workplace. At least 72% of employers in the U.S. run employment screening services for every individual they hire.

An employment screening service typically happens during the hiring process. However, employers may run these checks at virtually any time. For employment screening services to run your background check, all they need is your full name, Social Security Number, date of birth, and past or current address. According to the law, an individual’s consent is also essential.

2. E-verify Checks

This is a background check that employers use to verify the employment and identity of new hires in a company. The e-verify employment eligibility verification compares the information new employees offer on their I-9 form. This form confirms that the new employee has authorization to work in the country.

3. International Background Checks

For employees who have worked, lived, or studied in different countries, employers may use international background screening check to ascertain their identity. This type of background check gives employers access to international education records, criminal records, and employment verification. However, the information they access depends on the employer. So, they have the option to pay for one or all three checks.

4. Professional License Background Checks

A professional background check verifies whether an investment company or applicant possess a valid and legal license. This information is essential, as it keeps employers or companies from negligence claims. Specific sectors depend on the use of professional licenses. By performing professional background checks, you ensure that the employees working in that sector — especially the medical industry — have credentials, experience, and knowledge.

For this type of check, companies have to contact the state or applicable industry licensing board. This allows employers to establish if the license companies or individuals have is valid, legal, and has no violations or restrictions.

5. Credit Background Checks

Credit background checks are records of an individual’s credit-to-debt-ratio. The information obtained from this background check shows investors or banks how you manage bills and credit payments. Banks often require this information when you’re applying for a mortgage, car loans, credit cards, or other types of loans.

In addition, some landlords require credit background checks from tenants before they can move in. This information becomes proof that you can pay rent on time.

Despite looking like an invasion of privacy, background screening check are important. What’s more, they can significantly help you grow your business, as long as you employ the right people. However, remember that you cannot judge anyone entirely by their past, you can get employees who care about the business more than they did before.

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