Two Non-Traditional Cleaning Methods To Kill Bacteria And Germs At Home

Commercial dry steam cleaner

Have you ever wondered whether or not a chair you sit on at a restaurant is clean? What about your kitchen counters or the bathroom stalls and bathroom floors at work? Have you ever noticed professional cleaning going on at your gym? Whether or not you witness the cleaning at any of the places, you hope that it is done properly and cleaning. It does not matter if they choose to use industrial steam cleaners, dry vapor steamers or co2 blasting to get the areas clean. It is simply essential that the things we touch, the places we eat and the places we spend the majority of our time in each day are properly cleaned for our health.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a multitude of statistics on how many people die or become ill each year due to contaminants and diseases. For instance, each year 100,000 people die from diseases they actually contract while inside of a hospital. Additionally, contaminated foods and beverages that are consumed by humans makes 1 in 6 Americans sick each year. In both of these instances, people are going about their day as normal and end up sick or dead due to contaminants of diseases that may have been prevented with proper cleaning.

You might not be able to tell if something is clean or not, but you can stay educated on the best cleaning practices so that you can ensure your home, business, office, etc. are clean enough to keep you healthy and your loved ones healthy. People are so serious about cleaning that maintaining cleanliness across the world generates $168 billion in revenue every year.

So, what are some ways to keep clean that you might not have considered before? Here are two non-traditional cleaning methods worth considering and learning about before you clean your house or office next.

1. Steam cleaning services

There are many reasons steam cleaning is a productive way to fight off contaminants. One reason is that steam can kill off 99 percent of household germs and bacteria. This means that using steam to clean could get rid of things like E.Coli, salmonella, staph and dust mites and bed bugs.

Steam cleaning is also a very clean way to clean in that it is generally mess-free. You do not have to use much water when steam cleaning, and it also eliminates chemical residues when it is cleaning surfaces. One statistic states that using steam to clean faucet handles and paper towel dispensers guarantees there will be 1/10th as many germs left in comparison to other traditional methods.

2. Dry ice blasting and co2 blasting

Dry ice blasting and co2 blasting are two other considerations for cleaning. Dry ice is essentially the solid form of carbon dioxide. So when you are dry ice blasting, you are actually carbon dioxide blasting, too. To do this, it requires a high temperature and low moisture vapor. It becomes much less dense than the air we breathe, and it is able to kill contaminants and bacteria better than traditional methods of cleaning used in most households.

Next time you consider deep-cleaning your home or office, consider switching up your cleaning methods and cleaning services. You never know what types of germs, bacteria and contaminants may be working their way through your house. Have you ever tried co2 blasting or steam cleaning? Let us know in the comments about your experience cleaning with non-traditional cleaning methods.

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