Turbidity Barriers for Water Construction

Turbidity curtain with filter fabric skirt

If you handle water construction projects or engage in heavy industry over or near the water, you will need a turbidity barrier, also called a turbidity curtain, and other water quality management equipment. State and federal laws require that water construction, dredging, and other similar activities not stir up excessive sediment or introduce too much oil or other contaminants to the water in which the project is taking place. You will need experts handling specialty equipment to complete any such project without running afoul of these laws.

In addition to a silt barrier or silt curtain, you will also need oil spill response equipment, like an oil skimmer or an oil containment boom. Using heavy machinery or installing such in or near the water makes it possible, even likely, that a meaningful fuel, lubricant, or other oil spill will happen on the water. State and federal laws will require that such spills be contained and cleaned up, or serious liability will attach to the situation.

For all your expert turbidity barrier and water construction quality solutions, you can trust our professional experience and judgment.

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