Tips to making the best signs to attract customers

Signs are one of the biggest and best ways to attract customers to any business. Having an attractive business sign shows how professional you are in the business world and can be a great way to make a positive first impression. Proper signage can produce up to 75% of your customer base and referrals. Here are some tips to create the best sign and some things to avoid.

Try to stick to very simple script that can be read from a distance. Don’t try to get too fancy and use a handwriting that is hard to read. When you spend money on a high quality sign you want to be able to read it from the road and not confuse people. Fancy writing may look nice in a small setting but it can get muddled and cursive writing is dropping out of the scene. Bold thick letters can make a better impression and can be very noticeable.

Use colours that comment each other well on your commercial signs. If you use a dark colour for the writing use a light colour for the background to make it stand out nicely. Try to avoid using light colours as they do not stand out and can’t be seen from a distance. Keep it simple and keep it bold and it will be easy to read and attract a lot of new customers. Have you ever seen commercial signs that have been hard to read, it is a complete waste of money because it is hard to read and doesn’t help to attract customers.

If you choose to use an image on your commercial signs try to select one that is simple and fits well with the business. A logo is usually your best option as it is most likely seen throughout most of your other advertising anyways so people can make the connection as soon as they see your sign. Crowding your sign with unreadable imagery is a waste of a sign and looks bad on your business. Custom signs that are well designed are the best way to advertise your business.
Keep signs similar and maintain your image throughout the sign making process and you will drive more customers.

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