Tips for Starting Your Apparel Printing Business

If you are interested in learning more about custom apparel printing, consider some words of advice from people with experience with the craft. According to some research, the custom t-shirt printing market is projected to be valued at $6.9 Billion by 2027. T-shirt printing can include screen printing with transparencies or DTG (direct to garment) printing, which can provide a more clear design presented on the material.

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Screen printing on shirts is a more traditional process, where a screen is burned for each color and layered onto the shirt individually. There are some visual limitations to screen printing, and the process takes quite a bit more manual time. Transparency paper for screen printing is used to burn the artwork, and typically a white under base is used for darker garments. DTG sends the artwork directly to the computer so it can be printed onto things like clothing, bags, and presentation products. Screen printing may be best for a large job that needs to be completed in a limited time frame because DTG printing can take some time for the automated process to happen on each item. For more tips, reach out to professionals for assistance.


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