Three Ways that Street Sweepers can Improve your Business

Road sweeping services have existed for thousands of years, with the first true street sweeping machine being patented in 1849. Today, street sweepers are as important as ever to keep urban centers looking their best and staying clean. Street sweepers can remove literal tons of debris, trash, and pollutants from parking lots and curb sides every year, reducing environmental and health impacts for everyone.

Street sweepers can keep your business looking its best.

Whether you operate a storefront, a garage, or a campus, your patron’s first impression means a lot. Parking lot sweeping at the beginning or end of the day demonstrates a particular care for clients and employees.

Street sweepers can improve your health.

You may not realize it, but thousands of large and microscopic pollutants collect in your parking lot and outside your business every day. Many of these are heavy metals and pesticides, viruses and bacteria from septic systems, and oil and grease from passing automobiles. Studies show that parking space-related pollution can add up to $20 billion in health-related damages across the United States. Street sweepers and parking lot cleaners are trained to dispose of waste in an appropriate manner so that it doesn’t accumulate in areas where patrons and clients are working.

Street sweepers help the environment.

In addition to presenting damages to your health, roadside pollutants damage local infrastructure and the environment. Large debris, such as leaves and paper, can accumulate in storm drains and slow drainage, while smaller, toxic debris that is associated with snow and ice melt can go straight into the drains. Modern street sweeper trucks can vacuum pollutants from the roadside or sidewalk before they reach drains and disposes of them responsibly.

Parking lot sweeping is a simple service to provide that has big impacts on the quality, health, and wellness of an urban area. Street sweeping and parking lot cleaning isn’t just a matter of keeping an urban area looking neat and tidy. It keeps our environment free from contamination and keeps our urban centers safe for the people who live and work in them.

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