Three Tips for a Winning Sales Team

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A job in sales is not an easy thing. Not only is it cut throat, but you need to have a certain je ne sais quois in order to have a lucrative sales career path. If you are looking to hire sales people, finding the right candidates and the best sales people is of utmost importance. One hiring mistake, for example, can cost your company anywhere from six to 10 times a bad sales persons base salary.

So, what are three surefire tips to filling your sales and recruiting jobs with the most dynamic people? Read on for the answers!

    1. Make it Easy On Yourself With a Sales Headhunter
    Considering that 32% of sales people leave their company within the first year of employment, you want to hire and retain the best talent. As such, many enlist the help of a sales headhunter or recruitment agencies. A sales headhunter not only has a rolodex full of prime sales candidates, but they do the vetting and go through the pool of candidates with a fine tooth comb.

    2. Characteristics of Dynamo Sales Reps
    It may sound unbelievable, but only a mere 20% of sales leads are ever followed up on. That is why the two most important traits that successful sales people embody are patience and perseverance. When you are screening potential candidates (that is, if your sales headhunter has not already done so for you), ask them to give you two examples that exemplify their ability to be patient and persistent. Their response is a sure telltale sign of their character and drive.

    3. Utilize Technology
    The key to tracking and following up on leads requires attention to detail and organization. Thankfully, many contact management or client relationship software programs can do this for you. They alert your sales team to new and cold leads, as well as when to make follow up calls. Good contact management programs also provide ongoing support, reporting, calendar integration, and even advertising tools such as a direct mail campaign.

      What do you look for when hiring sales people? Are there any tips or traits I have left out? If so, share your thoughts below! Read more.

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