Three Benefits of Using Purple Heart Donation Pick Up for Unwanted Items

Helping disabled veterans

Individuals often find as time goes on, clothing, household goods, and other things they once had a use for are no longer needed. Many people think the best thing to do is simply dispose of the item through the garbage. But there is a better way that can not only help veterans and other individuals, but it also gives individuals the chance to write off money on their taxes. Individuals who choose to make use of charitable clothing donations through Purple Heart can enjoy all of these benefits, in addition to pick up of donated items at their house. Read on to discover why Purple Heart Donations are helpful, and how they have the ability to changes lives and save the environment.

Purple Heart Donation Pick Up Means That the Service Can Come to an Individual’s Home, Saving Them a Trip

Many People often put off making a trip to donate clothing, because they do not want to deal with the added hassle of having to go out. In fact, less than 20% of Americans make a point to recycle used clothing, usually sending over 10 million tons to a dump every year. Rather than tossing it, it can be recycled and given to charity. Proceeds from the charity go to support a variety of individuals with different needs, including veterans and those who are blind. Donation pick up can often take place at a time that is convenient for the individual. Sometimes the charity will let the individual know what days they can stop out, and the individual can pick from certain days and times. Otherwise, they may ask the individual to bag up their unwanted goods, and put everything out on the curb so it can be picked up by a donation truck.

Donating Items Means That Individuals Can Write These Off Come Tax Time

Individuals who are looking for a way to write expenses off their taxes can do so when they make a charitable contribution. By working with Purple Heart donation pick up crew, they can reap the benefits of having items written off through generous contributions. This include anything that is used and in decent, working condition. For example, individuals who donate a coffeemaker can write off up to $15 for the item. Those who donate coats, such as an overcoat, can write off up to $60. When all items that would be donated are added up, this can be a sizeable amount that would be written off. Anyone who chooses to make charitable contributions should make a point to ensure that the charity in question is a 501(c3), and is tax exempt under the IRS. Individuals who make charitable donations should also be provided with a receipt for their gift-giving.

Donating Items Makes a Positive Impact in the Lives of Others

Items that are picked up for clothing donation are sometimes sold at resale shops, with the proceeds going to help those who need it. Sometimes donations for veterans can result in them getting the items directly, or even families, such as children in need of clothing. Purple Heart donation pick up can work with helping military families and other individuals who might be in need of clothing or items because a parent is deceased, or there are medical issues that prevent them from buying the things they need. And since most people get rid of at least 60 pounds or more of items a year (including clothing and household goods), donating them is a sensible way to stay active in the community and give back to others who could benefit from it.

There are many reasons why an individual would use Purple Heart donation pick up for their unwanted items. Having a pick up service means it is easier to get rid of things, and saves people a trip they might not otherwise make. Donating items means individuals can write off taxes as well, helping them to write off expenses. And finally, the items donated either get resold, with the profits going to help individuals in need, or the items themselves going to these individuals and their families, thereby making a positive difference.

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