Thinking of an Inexpensive Marketing Tool! Think Suction Cup Sign

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For any business, it is important to communicate to the public and get the message out right. Yet, not many people invest in this. It is approximated that on average, 3,000 potential customers get exposed to ads and promotional messages every day. This means, if this figure translates to actual sales, then it’s a happy day for most businesses. Companies nowadays invest more on marketing than they did before. Therefore, finding better and cheaper ways of reaching prospective customers is often the agenda.

With an inexpensive message display tool like a suction cup sign holder, your business can significantly reduce its cost of advertising. Whether you are looking to post your store hours or promote a sale, a sign holder with suction cups makes an excellent display accessory for all your signage concerns.

Suction cup signs come with a variety of options designed to provide custom display solutions, and the most popular is the glass door sign with a suction cup. They can be applied to different surfaces like glass, fiberglass, tile, plastic and any other adhesive surface. Studies show that products with a sign have a 20% better chance of sale than those without a sign. Not only does a sign improve sale, but promote brand visibility, which can result in cross-selling of multiple product lines.

For an even more versatile application, choose a sign holder with a swivel clip that allows perfect grip against verticle surfaces. This one is widely used in window and retail cooler displays. Often, suction cup signs are graphically designed with vibrant colors and text that capture shopper’s attention from a distance.

Retail stores and busy office frequently receive people. With so much traffic in these places, it’s advisable that you use suction cup sign that can be read from both sides of the window. Most of these signs have suction cups one each corner for strong adhesive grip.

Unlike other options used to holder signages like a metal sign holder, suction cups are easy to use and require less wit and skill to apply. For instance, a wall mount sign holder is compatible with suction cups, which makes it possible to mount signs on walls. The possibilities of suction cup signs are limitless. From options on walls, windows, display racks and stands, your message will be clearly seen from every angle.

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