The Top 3 Benefits of Employee Training Software

Streamline functional risk management

Millennials. Whether you love em or you’d rather leave em, they’re an integral part of today’s modern workforce by making up 36% of it in 2014. By the year 2020, millennials, also known as Generation Y, are expected to make up almost half of the workforce at 46%. and with so many tech savvy millennials currently in and entering the workforce, it’s only natural to expect their love of everything tech to shake things up a bit in terms of how work gets done. This means that in addition to their new fangled lingo, affinity for memes, and love of craft beer, millennials are also bringing their tech savvy skills to the workforce.

So before you go writing off these crazy kids as annoying, ungrateful, or entitled, it’s important to realize they have a lot to offer in terms of using their tech skills to expedite day to day business operations, such as communications and other important workflow processes. Because of these awesome advances in tech, the workplace is a much different and much more efficient place to be employed.

Take for example all the ways in which tech has not only made day to day business processes easier, but it’s also made employee onboarding and training easier and more convenient than ever. Employee training software for example makes the onboarding process for new employees easier, faster, and more thorough than ever before. Usually when it comes to human resources, there are several audit and compliance assurance systems in place that many consider to be “red tape”. These systems can be difficult to implement, but new employee training software can make cutting through the red tape all while remaining under compliance easier than ever.

Here are just a few other ways in which employee training software and other work place tech is making the workplace a safer and easier place to be employed in.

Easier to grasp information

Did you know that having fun makes it easier to learn, grasp, and retain information? New employee training software, such as auditing software, health and safety software, and other compliance solutions can be made easier to implement and grasp with employee training software. These new software systems often implement games that make the time spent during the onboarding process fly by because it’s actually fun!

Better for the environment

Hiring a new employee involves a lot of paperwork. Like, a lot of paperwork. Mountains of it. Not only can this be confusing, but it also takes a toll on the environment in terms of using up valuable natural resources such as trees for paper. When the onboarding process is digitized, there’s no need for paper. Not only does this make it easier to file this important information, but it also makes it easier to fill out properly.

Ready round the clock

These days, it’s common for employees to work remotely, which allows employees to work from various time zones across the world. This can make it difficult to get and keep everyone on the same page, but with task management software programs, everyone can collaborate, up and download work, and communicate clearly and with ease.

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