The Three Types of Electrician

There are many different levels of electricians. But what is a good way to categorize them? Below are the three types of electricians described by where they do their work.

Electricians with a 309A license typically work on the construction and maintenance of big buildings, such as strip malls, factories, and office buildings. The job of an electrician with a 309A license is to wire those buildings electrically and maintain them once they are operational. These electricians typically work under a master electrician as a residential electrician or an electrical contractor.

An electrician with a 309C license works on domestic and rural buildings. They are electricians who wire houses and farm installations.

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These electricians are usually just tradesmen who are employed by themselves and run their own small businesses.

An electrician with a 442A license works on industrial buildings. They are the electricians that work in the same building, constantly troubleshooting since the nature of the building is to have a lot of electricity running through it at once. These are buildings like car plants or other industrial plants that are constantly using electricity to run everything they work with.

Electricians come with many certifications and specializations. Make sure to find out which electrician you need to hire before hiring the first one you find.


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