The Salary of an Elevator Mechanic

This video is to inform viewers about how much an elevator repair services mechanic makes. Depending on where you live or work, an elevator can be a crucial part of your daily life. Apartment buildings and big corporate buildings might have elevators to transport employees and residents up and down the building to get to their respective floors.

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Elevators are machines just like any other and constantly need maintenance in order to operate properly or else they will continuously break down due to the constant wear and tear. But who does the maintenance and what is it called? It is called elevator repair services and an elevator mechanic is a person that will come in and not only repair the elevator when it is down but perform regular inspections to make sure that it is up to code.

You might be interested in becoming a mechanic if you are interested in any field of engineering. It is important when looking into careers or businesses to start to do your research. Someone who is interested in becoming an elevator repair services mechanic might want to know what kind of education they will need or even how much they get paid. Watch this video to learn more.


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