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Deltiology is the term used for collecting all type of postcards, from tourist postcards to real estate postcards, and is believed to be one of the top three collector hobbies in the world. In the 1960s and 70s, postcards were not used for commemorating holidays or deliver bawdy jokes, but to announce to opening of a new freeway or industrial park. One type of popular postcard that came from the 1920s were the ‘Saucy Seaside’ postcards that featured risque images and off color humor. Direct mail postcards, much like real estate postcards, are attention grabbing and serve as a cost effective way to engage consumers by putting your message in their hands. In the United States alone marketers send over 90 billion pieces of direct mail marketing and advertising per year.

Today, direct mail is still one of the most widely used outbound marketing techniques in the business world. Anything from business postcards to real estate postcards, direct mail postcards are a popular choice because of the low cost and the ability to market to a mass populous. To give yourself some evidence to build off of, explore having some real estate postcards samples made up by a reputable custom postcard printing company or postcard printing agency who specializes in marketing materials. Real Estate postcards are quite popular because customized postcards get the information into the hands of the potential customer without having to do much other than print, cut, and mail.

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