The Marketing Idea That Won’t Cost You Your Entire Budget

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n 1871, the first known souvenir postcard was sent from Vienna. These days, postcards are used for both personal, and professional networking, and are an incredibly valuable marketing resource for all different types of businesses.

Business postcards or direct mail postcards are a valuable for of direct marketing. Direct marketing often seeks to drive a specific “call to action”, for example, asking the customer to call a telephone number or visit a website. These types of marketing initiative are valuable in terms of ROI as a result of how many potential customers responded to these clear calls of action. According to the Direct Marketing Association, in 2010, commercial and nonprofit marketers spent $153.3 billion on direct marketing, suggesting just how valuable of a marketing tool direct marketing is.

Direct mail postcards are an attention grabbing and cost effective way to get your message in the hands of targeted demographics. If you are interested in a direct marketing campaign, a great option for your business is postcard printing. Custom postcard printing can be done on everything from real estate postcards to coupons, and are a great way to engage your customers.

If you are interested in customized postcards in the Virginia or Washington area, consult the web for some ideas on printers in DC, or Virginia printers. The great thing about the Internet is that you have a virtual portfolio of the work of whatever printing companies in Washington DC you choose, as most printers in dc offer websites with clear examples of their work. If they do not, this could be a red flag to get your postcard printing done else where. Compare costs that printing companies dc has to offer as well, as most printers Washington dc offers have different packages depending on the level of customization, the volume you are looking to purchase, and the level of detail you include.

Direct mailing and postcards are not a dead marketing practice, and are both cost effective and attention grabbing. If you are looking for an engaging, yet inexpensive way to attract potential customers, or reinforce your brand on existing ones, postcards are a great option. Check the web for printers in DC, and compare costs. Most printers in dc will have customizable packages that they can tailor to your specific campaign, so it is important to put in the research when selecting a printer Washington dc has to offer.

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